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Vivo Y83  14,000
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Used Price in Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy S10 Used  45,000 55,000

Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used

 40,000 55,000

  • Display, Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Price In Pakistan Display: 6.1-inch OLED
  • Processor, Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Price In Pakistan Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Ram, Rom, Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Price In Pakistan Ram/Rom: 8GB/128Gb
  • Camera, Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Price In Pakistan 12+12+12 MP Main/8 MP Selfie
  • Sim Slot, Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Price In Pakistan Sim: Single Sim
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Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used Price In Pakistan:

Looking for Used Mobile Phones In Pakistan? Discover incredible deals on the  Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Used at MobileTrade.Pk! Buy a top-notch quality Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used smartphone hassle-free.

Buy Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Used Phone in Pakistan:

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Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used Mobile Specifications:

Display6.1 inches OLED, 1080 x 2520 pixels
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865 (7nm+)
Storage128 GB, expandable up to 1TB
Rear Cameras12 MP (wide), 12 MP (telephoto), 12 MP (ultrawide)
Front Camera8 MP (wide)
Battery4000 mAh, Fast charging 21W, Wireless charging 11W
Operating SystemAndroid 10, upgradable to Android 11
Dimensions158 x 68 x 8 mm
Weight163 g
Other Features120Hz refresh rate, HDR BT.2020, IP65/IP68 water and dust resistant
Connectivity5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB Type-C
ColorsBlack, Grey, Blue, Dark Pink

 Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Used Availability And Prices In Pakistan:

Price of Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad and other major cities of Pakistan is starting from Rs. 55,000/-

Sony Xperia 5 Mark II 8GB/128GB, Single Sim, Official ApprovedRs. 55,000/-
Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 8GB/128GB Non ApprovedRs. 40,000/-
Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Used Mobile Buying Guide:
  • We Import Used Phones From Overseas, It’s Not Used In Pakistan.
  • Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used, Second-Hand, Pre-Owned, and Arrive from overseas.
  • All Used Mobile Phones we sell are eligible for a Seven (3) days checking warranty.
  • Booking: 10% Advance | 90% Pay Cash On Delivery!
  • Please Ensure all orders are made correctly including model, colors, specs, and variation.
  • For Any Questions & Queries feel free to contact at our Customer Support Cantre.
Top Features Of Sony Xperia 5 Mark II:
  1. The Xperia 5 II features a 6.1-inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, providing smooth and vibrant visuals.
  2. Equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and 8 GB of RAM, the Xperia 5 II delivers top-notch performance, enabling seamless multitasking and lag-free gaming.
  3. Sony’s camera app offers a plethora of features, including Pro mode, 20 fps burst shooting, and Real-time Eye autofocus for both humans and animals, allowing users to capture professional-quality photos and videos.
  4. With a 120Hz display and a Snapdragon 865 processor, the Xperia 5 mark 2 is optimized for gaming. It supports PlayStation Remote Play and offers features like Game Enhancer, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.
  5. The phone supports 4K HDR video recording at 60fps, allowing users to capture high-quality videos with impressive dynamic range and detail.

Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used price in Pakistan

Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used price in Pakistan

Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Used price in Pakistan


Xperia 5 Mark II Dubai USA UK Used Price In Pakistan:

Are you tired of paying a hefty price for a Used phone?
Your go-to source for quality used mobile phones! We specialize in importing the latest models from the Dubai, USA, UK, and Japan, ensuring that you get your hands on the most cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost.
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So you can rest assured that you’re getting a device that is as good as new.

Gaming Revolution: Explore the Best Gaming Mobile Phones in Pakistan:

Explore the best gaming mobile phones in Pakistan at MobileTrade.Pk! Are you a gamer living in Pakistan looking for the best gaming mobiles?
Gaming on smartphones has been a thing ever since we all first booted up the Nokia 3310 for playing hours of Snake game. The gaming scenario has now been totally upgraded with the introduction of games like COD, PUBG and Free Fire, etc.
With an increase of interest in gaming.

Factors To Consider For Buying Gaming Mobile Phones:
  1. Performance: Look for a phone with a powerful processor (like Snapdragon or MediaTek’s gaming-focused chipsets) and ample RAM (at least 6GB or higher).
  2. Display: A higher refresh rate (such as 90Hz or 120Hz) provides smoother animations and gameplay, while a lower response time reduces motion blur.
  3. Battery Life: Gaming can drain the battery quickly. Look for a phone with a large battery capacity (4000mAh and above) to ensure your phone lasts through extended gaming sessions.
  4. Graphics and Cooling: Consider a phone with a capable GPU (like Adreno or Mali) for excellent graphics rendering.
  5. Gaming Features: Some phones offer additional gaming features like trigger buttons, haptic feedback, or gaming modes that optimize performance and reduce distractions. Consider these features based on your gaming preferences.
  6. Price: Gaming phones come in various price ranges. Set a budget based on your requirements and research phones within that budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Gaming Mobile Prices in Pakistan:

Q1: What is the Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Official PTA Approved Price In Pakistan?

A1: Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Official PTA Approved Comes at the price of PKR Rs: 55,000/-

Q2: What is the Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 NON PTA Price In Pakistan?

A2: Sony Xperia 5 Mark II NON PTA Comes at the price of PKR Rs: 40,000/-

Q3: Is Xperia 5 Mark II Best For Gaming?

A3: Yes, The Xperia 5 II was equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, which provided smooth performance and fast loading times for games.

Q4: Mobile Phones Under 20000 In Pakistan?

A4: Yes, there are several Mobile Phones under 20,000 PKR. Check out this link for some options.

Q5: Gaming Mobile Phones Under 30000 In Pakistan?
A5: Yes, there are several Gaming Mobile Phones under 30,000 PKR. Check out this link for some options.

Q6: Gaming Mobile Phones Under 60000 In Pakistan?
A6: Yes, there are several Gaming Mobile Phones under 60,000 PKR. Check out this link for some options.

Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 Mobile Imported Kits Pros and Cons:


  • Cost Savings: Used imported kits are generally cheaper than brand new ones, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.
  • Variety: Imported kits might offer more variety in terms of colors, storage capacities, or special editions that may not be available locally.
  • Unlocked Phones: Many imported phones are unlocked, meaning they can be used with any carrier or network. This flexibility is especially advantageous for travelers or individuals who frequently switch carriers.


  • No Warranty: Most imported phones do not come with a warranty in the buyer’s home country.
  • Customs and Import Taxes: Depending on the regulations of the buyer’s country, importing a phone might incur additional customs duties or taxes, increasing the overall cost of the device.

In conclusion, MobileTrade.PK offers unparalleled deals on Used Mobilephones. Our platform ensures a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for anyone looking to upgrade their mobile device. And our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

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  1. Shahid Mehmood

    Positive Experience with Mobile Trade and Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Purchase:

    My experience with Mobile Trade was excellent.

    While searching for the Sony Xperia 5 Mark II across various platforms, Mobile Trade exceeded my expectations.

    Initially, the price seemed prohibitive, but the surprising discount offered by the seller made the deal accessible.

    The video verification of the mobile and the seller’s continuous guidance during the receiving at the nearby facility center was very reassuring.

    Even after receiving the mobile, the seller assured full cooperation for any issues.

    I highly recommend Mobile Trade to other buyers.

    • MobileTrade

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  2. Shahid Mehmood

    Positive Experience with Mobile Trade and Sony Xperia 5 Mark II Purchase:

    میرا تجربہ موبائل ٹریڈ کے ساتھ بہترین رہا۔

    میں جب مختلف پلیٹ فارمز پر سونی ایکسپیریا فائیو مارک ٹو کی تلاش میں تھا، تو موبائل ٹریڈ نے میری توقعات سے بڑھ کر مدد کی۔

    ابتدا میں قیمت کی وجہ سے خریداری مشکل نظر آ رہی تھی، لیکن سیلر کی جانب سے دی گئی حیران کن ڈسکاؤنٹ نے معاملہ آسان بنا دیا۔

    موبائل کی تصدیق کے لیے ویڈیو شیئرنگ اور قریبی فسلٹی سینٹر پر موبائل کی وصولی کے دوران سیلر کی مسلسل رہنمائی نے مجھے بہت مطمئن کیا۔

    موبائل وصول کرنے کے بعد بھی سیلر کی جانب سے مکمل تعاون کا یقین دلایا گیا۔

    میں دوسرے خریداروں کو بھی موبائل ٹریڈ کی سفارش کرتا ہوں۔

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