Samsung Galaxy Note 8 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Back Camera Lens Glass Original price was: ₨ 550.Current price is: ₨ 400.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Back Camera Lens Glass Original price was: ₨ 500.Current price is: ₨ 350.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass

Original price was: ₨ 550.Current price is: ₨ 350.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan:

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Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Glass Lens in Pakistan:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Glass Lens Replacement Quick Buying Guide:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass Replacement Manufactured using high Quality and Excellent durable Materials.
  • Ensure the replacement Back camera Glass Lens is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It should match your device model precisely to avoid compatibility issues, Back and Front Camera Glass Lens Replacement required special skills and techniques required for proper installation.
  • We will not responsible for any loss that occurred to your device as a result of poor or improper installation of replacement parts.
  • Please Double Check your orders to ensure the correct model, color, specs & variations. We will not take any responsibility for the wrong order.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass Photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 back Camera Lens Glass Price In Pakistan


Instructions Before Back Camera Glass Lens Replacement:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Glass Lens test functionally. If the product seem to be working fine, then attach the product to the phone and try to use the product for few hours, again without removing the protection warranty film, sticker, Or tags.
  • When you are totally satisfied with the product functionally, you can now remove all the protection warranty film and use your phone normally.
  • Removing the Warranty protector or applying glue indicates Acceptances of the product and its worked perfectly.

How Do I Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass:

Fixing the back camera glass lens on your Phone can be a delicate process, and it’s recommended to seek professional assistance if you are not confident in doing it yourself. However, if you want to attempt the repair on your own, here’s a general guide to help you get started. Please note that this process requires careful handling and patience.

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Replacement back camera glass lens
  2. Heat gun or hair dryer
  3. Pry tools/spudger
  4. Adhesive (double-sided tape or glue)
  5. Cleaning cloth
  6. Tweezers
Steps to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Camera Lens Glass:
  1. Power Off: Turn off your Phone completely and remove the SIM card tray.
  2. Heat the Back of the Phone: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to gently heat the back of the phone. Warm the area around the camera lens for a few minutes to soften the adhesive underneath the glass.
  3. Remove the Broken Glass: Carefully insert a pry tool or spudger between the broken camera glass and the phone body. Gently pry and lift the broken glass off. Be patient and gentle to avoid damaging the camera module or other components.
  4. Clean the Area: Clean the area thoroughly to remove any remaining adhesive or glass particles. Use a cleaning cloth and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to ensure the surface is free from debris.
  5. Attach the New Camera Glass: Apply adhesive (double-sided tape or glue) to the back of the new camera glass lens. Align the lens properly over the camera module on your phone and press it down gently to secure it in place. Make sure it’s positioned correctly before applying pressure.
  6. Apply Pressure and Let it Set: Apply gentle pressure on the newly attached lens to ensure a proper bond with the phone body. Let the adhesive set for a few hours, preferably overnight, to ensure it’s securely attached.
  7. Final Checks: Once the adhesive has set, double-check the camera to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Test both the photo and video modes to make sure there are no issues with focus or clarity.

Important Tips:

  • Precision is Key: Be patient and precise during the process to avoid damaging the camera module or other internal components.
  • Professional Help: If you are unsure about any step, it’s better to seek help from a professional technician to avoid causing further damage to your phone.
Different Type Of Mobile Phone Camera Glass Lenses Available At MobileTrade.Pk:
  1. Standard Replacement Lens: Direct replacements for original camera lenses, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific phone model.
  2. Tempered Glass Protectors: Thin, durable protectors that shield your camera lens from scratches and minor impacts without affecting photo quality.
  3. High-Transparency Lenses: Enhance photo clarity with lenses designed for maximum light transmission, resulting in clear and sharp images.
  4. Anti-Glare Coated Lenses: Lenses with anti-glare coatings reduce reflections and ensure glare-free photos, even in bright light conditions.
  5. Specialized Lenses: Unique lenses like macro or wide-angle options, tailored for specific photography effects and creativity.
Secure Packaging Method Of MobileTrade.Pk
  1. Select Appropriate Packaging Materials:
    • We Use sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes or padded envelopes based on the product’s size and fragility.
    • Utilize bubble wrap, foam inserts, or air pillows to cushion delicate items securely within the packaging.
  2. Securely Wrap and Seal Items:
    • Wrap individual products with protective materials, ensuring they are well-cushioned and protected.
    • Use high-quality packaging tape to seal the box securely, reinforcing seams and edges to prevent damage during transit.
  3. Clearly Label Packages:
    • Clearly label each package with the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
    • Include a packing slip or invoice inside the package for easy reference, providing essential information about the order.
  4. Ensure Weatherproofing and Security:
    • Use waterproof bags or plastic wrap inside the box, especially if shipping in areas prone to rain or adverse weather conditions.
    • Seal the package securely to prevent tampering and enhance security during transit.
  5. Implement Quality Control and Feedback Loop:
    • Conduct thorough quality checks before packaging to ensure products are in working condition and undamaged.
    • Pay attention to customer feedback about packaging. Use this feedback to continuously improve packaging methods and ensure customer satisfaction.

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