XMobile X7

Original price was: ₨ 4,299.Current price is: ₨ 3,999.

  • Display, LG G8 ThinQ Used Display: 2.8 inches
  • Processor, LG G8 ThinQ Used Speaker: Jumbo Speaker
  • Sim Slot,LG G8 ThinQ Used Sim: Dual Sim
  • Ram, Rom, LG G8 ThinQ Used PTA Status: Official PTA Approved
  •  Warranty: 1 Year Brand Warranty

In stock

In stock


XMobile X7 Price In Pakistan:

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Buy XMobile X7 Online in Pakistan:

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XMobile X7 Specifications & Price In Pakistan:

Release Date2022-12-21
Display SizeDisplay Size 2.8″
Battery3000 mAh
ConnectivityRadio , Bluetooth
Display ColorsN/A
Operating FrequencySim 1 , Sim 2
Back Video RecordingYes
EntertainmentVideo Recording
Ring TonesMP3 ringtones
Other FeaturesDual-Sim Support, Speakerphone

XMobile X7 Availability And Prices In Pakistan:

Price of Keypad XMobile X7 in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad and other major cities of Pakistan is starting from Rs: 3999/-

Keypad XMobile X7 Box Pack + 1 Year Brand WarrantyRs: 3999/-
Keypad XMobile X7 Buying Guide:
  • All Box Pack Mobile Phones we sell are eligible for a Official (1) Year Brand warranty.
  • Booking: 10% Advance | 90% Pay Cash On Delivery!
  • Please Ensure all orders are made correctly including model, colors, specs, and variation.
  • For Any Questions & Queries feel free to contact at our Customer Support Cantre.
Box Pack Mobiles Quick Buying Guide:
  1. Look for reviews and specifications of the specific mobile model you’re interested in.
  2. Ensure that the mobile phone supports the necessary network bands and frequencies for your region.
  3. Determine your primary needs. Whether it’s for calling & texting.
  4. Evaluate the display size, resolution, and type for an optimal viewing experience.
  5. Consider the battery capacity and whether it meets your usage requirements.


XMobile X7 Images

Keypad XMobile X7 Price In Pakistan.

XMobile X7 Price In Pakistan.

Keypad XMobile X7 Price In Pakistan.


Box Pack Mobile Phones In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, Keypad Box Pack mobile phones continue to appeal to consumers seeking simplicity and durability. These feature phones, characterized by physical buttons rather than touchscreens, are popular in rural areas and among individuals who prioritize straightforward functionality. A “Box Pack” mobile phone typically signifies a brand-new device in its original packaging, complete with accessories. Brands such as Nokia, Samsung, and QMobile offer a range of keypad phones with features like extended battery life and sturdiness. When considering a purchase, it’s important to compare prices, assess durability, and check for after-sales service and warranties. Keypad phones cater to a niche market in Pakistan, providing reliable communication solutions with a focus on longevity and ease of use.

Why Choose The Keypad Box Pack Mobile Phones?

Buying a box pack mobile phone, meaning a brand-new phone in its original packaging, can offer several advantages:

  1. Brand New and Untouched:
    • Box pack mobile phones are brand new and have not been used or handled by others. This ensures that you are the first user, and the device is in pristine condition.
  2. Warranty and Support:
    • Purchasing a box pack phone usually comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. This means you can rely on the warranty terms for repairs or replacements if any issues arise.
  3. Accessories Included:
    • The original packaging typically includes all the essential accessories such as chargers, cables, earphones, and user manuals. This ensures compatibility and a complete out-of-the-box experience.
  4. Latest Software and Updates:
    • Box pack phones often come with the latest software updates pre-installed. This saves you the hassle of updating the device immediately after purchase.
  5. Peace of Mind:
    • Knowing that your mobile phone is fresh out of the box and has not been previously used provides peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about hidden defects or wear and tear.
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With an increase of interest in gaming.

Used Mobile Phones Price In Pakistan:

Discover incredible deals on high-quality used mobile phones at MobileTrade.Pk. Our platform offers a curated selection of pre-owned devices, providing budget-friendly options without compromising on performance. Each used mobile phone undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our quality standards, giving you the confidence that your purchase is reliable. Whether you’re looking for a specific model or seeking a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new device, our Used Mobile Phones Sale on MobileTrade.Pk is your gateway to affordable, dependable smartphones. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, secure transactions, and the assurance that comes with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Upgrade your mobile experience without breaking the bank – explore our range of used mobile phones today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Box Pack Mobile Phones in Pakistan:

Q1: What does “box pack” mean for mobile phones?

A1: “Box pack” refers to mobile phones that are brand new and unused, still sealed in their original packaging. These devices have not been opened or handled since leaving the manufacturer.

Q2: Are box pack mobile phones authentic and genuine?

A2: Yes, box pack mobile phones sold by reputable sellers are typically authentic and genuine. It’s essential to buy from authorized dealers or trusted online stores to ensure the product’s authenticity.

Q3: Are keypad box pack mobile phones available for popular brands in Pakistan?

A3: Yes, you can find box pack mobile phones with physical keypads for various well-known brands in Pakistan. Like G’Five, Nokia, Itel, QMobile, XMobile & etc. These phones cater to users who prefer traditional keypads over touchscreen interfaces.

Q4: Do box pack mobile phones come with a warranty?

A4: Yes, most box pack mobile phones come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period can vary, so it’s crucial to check the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer.

Q5:Are there specific features to consider in a keypad box pack mobile phone?

A5: Consider factors such as call quality, texting experience, battery life, and additional features like a flashlight, basic camera, and dual SIM support when evaluating keypad box pack phones.

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